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June 17, 2009
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AatR:OCT Ref - Roze - Artist by RozeUKun AatR:OCT Ref - Roze - Artist by RozeUKun
UWAHAHAHAHAHA. Kinda sorta me, I guess. A little weirder, a little more openly adorable... Still fucking bitchy when she wants to be, though.

Note about that frog: It used to belong to someone incredibly important to me. It's a picture of a real one that I take with me everywhere. I don't know what I'd do if I lost it.

(QuikCheked. Ignore words with similar spelling, but still wrong.)
Roze Gelinas
The Artist
Is, in fact, female.
Theme Song: Champions by QUEEN or Black Jesus by Everlast. (Don't ask...)

How does one sit down and write about themselves? No matter what you say, it's going to sound conceded. Furthermore, should the subject of this entry be "She" or "I"? Forgive me if I bounce back and forth during this. It's a rather confusing subject to write about, in all honesty. Technically I suppose it should be "SHE" since that character's prettier then I am and much more quick witted. Me? I stumble on my words and make a fool of myself frequently. Her? It's all scripted. No matter what I do, she's going to come out on top.... Which just isn't how things are for me. Ultimately I suppose this artist character is just that.... A character. Thickly based on ones self, but a character none the less. However, if this character is based upon the one doing the writing, then it'd be safe to assume that they would have most, if not ALL of the lives experiences. And now the question is.... How do you write nineteen years of existence into a one-page summery while still keeping it interesting enough for people to read? I suppose we'll just have to figure it out as we go. As they say in showbiz, Let's get this party started!

Somewhere between sixteen and nineteen, according to how I draw her. Really, I'm 19, but my people always come out looking so... YOUNG.

Depends on the mood. And as much as I hate to admit it, it's the truth. There are days where I'm just a fucking BITCH and I don't even realize it until after the fact. However, I'm always being told I have such wonderful manors. Really, is it that hard to find a person who can use the words please and thank you? Uggg, this poor world we live in that I'm the pinnacle of etiquette.
Sarcastic. Not necessarily good at it, but sometimes she comes up with some zingers. Her goal in life is to just be happy and to make the people around her happy. Life is fleeting and she enjoys hearing people laugh. Frequently, she'll make small comments during a conversation that will have the other person rolling on the floor in tears. As Dane Cook once put it, "Women are MIND NINJAS". Thankfully, she uses her powers for good.... Usually.
She really does enjoy making people happy, and will frequently put herself in less-then-ideal positions in order to make that happen. Because of this, people often assume she's unintelligent or downright stupid, when really she's just choosing not to be a cutthroat asshole like the rest of us. However, those misconceptions are one of her strong points. No one expects a lot from her because of this, and so thus, they're not surprised when she does make a genuine mistake. Furthermore, she's usually not pressured with high-priority jobs and other high-stress situations because, simply, people don't trust her with it. These "Path of Least Resistance" routes are one of the few things that's common across all her moods. While some days, she wouldn't hurt a fly, other days she'd like to take a god damn machine gun too it. However, while most people (men especially) will quickly assume these "mood swings" are just that, random swings of the pendulum with no rhythm or rhyme, they're much more in tune with what the current events are. I like to think of her day as a point system. She starts out the day with a 10. For good things, you add a few points, for bad things, you take out a few points.... For instance, having a cat jump on your head as a wake up call is -20 points, thus putting you in a bad mood. Now, someone drawing you random and imprompt yet AWESOME fanart is a +70, which will quickly counteract such a situation. However... while she's figured this out for herself, she daren't ever tell anyone for fear of them ridiculing them even more then they already do. In fact, that fear hinders her from doing a lot of things. Again, this is a mood thing. Some days, she'll scream from the rooftops her supreme and seething LOATHMENT of the Twilight series.... Other days, she'll say "Eh. To each their own."
When dealing with someone important to her, wrahter then piss them off, she'll take a much more passive route. When she's upset, unhappy or FURIOUS, she'll take a very blank expression, hell, sometimes with a smile. She'll sometimes say very VERY cruel things, that just go unnoticed because of the retained mask of kindness. She doesn't like it when this happens... but some people you just CAN'T be unhappy with. I mean damn, some of these people either gave birth to you or had the balls to marry one of your dumb ass fuck brothers. You're just not allowed to yell at people like that, and so.... Passive. Hell, when she's in physical pain and people ask her about it, she laughs. Not because it's funny, but because she can't stop herself. She's terrified of people knowing what she really thinks or how she feels, so just passes it off as "I'm okay!" "You're bleeding" "Really, it's fine." "It's bending in an unnatural direction, Rose...." "Ehhehe. Nothing a little R+R can't fix~" "Your eyes are streaming tears of agony." "I'm laughing so hard my ribs hurt! ="D" "You can't walk on that thing, can you?" "It's okay, the floor's cooler, anyway!" "Come on, We're taking you to the doctor" "I SAID I'M FINE. OKAY?!" This is a very silly conversation... But it's how she works. She hates being pitied. If she's happy with her life, then why shouldn't someone else be? She may not be rich, she may not be beautiful (Lol, I'm not, but my persona character thing is. Go figure!); Hell, she didn't even get the high school diploma. But she's happy. She hates being looked down upon as if the things that she wants in life aren't good enough. Loaths having her picture taken. Take her picture or even threaten to do so, and she'll not only break your camera, but leave you in the same condition.

She's very much an expressive individual. She's fairly shy(as much as she hates to admit it) in person on the subject of style or content, as she doesn't like people knowing what she does or why. However, given the anonymity of the internet, she's now able to share her creations world wide.... which isn't always a good idea. She can take constructive criticism real well and is always looking for feedback and how to improve, however is easily intimidated by artists of a much higher caliber. She often checks out people who +fav her work on deviantART, and is HIGHLY flattered when someone who's better then she is likes her work. She sees all her characters as her babies and often brags about them, even though they don't exist. In every character she designs, she imputs parts of herself, which is a little disconcerting when it gets to critters like TCV and the other nasty inhabitants of her head. However, she does thoroughly enjoy torturing her characters. In example, NONE. And I do mean NONE of her characters in THE SIMS have ever made it past four sim-weeks of existence. In the example of Patience, she ripped away his immortality and his one true enjoyment-- Flight. With Tigger, she made him a murdering, raping, pillaging and destructive monster, but with a conscious.... You get the idea. I like to think she's like this as a vent for her own crazy. After all, if people have some sort of outlet, it's much less likely to come out in some way that might do harm to REAL people. Or perhaps that's me just trying to justify the fact that she's a sick little bitch. Who knows?

She's the last of eight children. Three boys, a girl, Three more boys then... Her. Her youngest sibling is ten years older then her so she's used to being treated like an only child, but with the benefit of adult brothers.
Fitzy - Never knew him. He died before she was born. Heard he was a hard headed stunt junkie who got zapped by power lines. Was in the Air Force.
Keefer - Has two sons (The oldest, Keefie, is a year older then Rose) and plays guitar like no ones business. Rose is on great terms with this brother and while she doesn't agree with his taste in women or narcotics, does adore his talent and friendliness. Works for Joel, lives with Jesse. Divorced and dating an amusing tramp.
Joel - Luckiest sumbitch there ever was. Charismatic and personable, he's fallen into a quite comfy position due to being virtually handed a business. (he busted his ass and the boss men noticed. Plus, charisma = friends in high places. He earned it, man.) Has a slue of children, four girls (The oldest, Carrie, only a year or two younger then Rose herself) and his youngest, a son. About damn time. We were all betting it'd be annother girl. Married and happy. Rose is on good terms with his children and is helping out his second daughter, Kingsley, on the subject of drawing.
Irm - Artist thinks of her as an idiot when it comes to men. She falls for fucking nasty bastards, but Rose doesn't have the heart to really say anything about it. She's coming out of a nasty divorce and hadn't seen her sons for almost a year before the courts said "FUCK YOU, JOE. LET THE WOMAN HAVE HER KIDS!" which honestly should have happened a long fucking time ago. Remarried to an idiot. Irm was in the National Guard with ex husband before the husband part.
Jesse - Oh god.... He's "nice" in his own way, and a decent enough artist. Likes anime which is some common ground between Rose and him.... But Jesus, he's not the brightest of people. Works for Joel, lives with Keefer. Was in the Navy. Never married, but Mr. Holier then Thou braggs about having banged two witches at once. (Doubt it, unless they were planning to turn him into bread or some shit.)
Murphy - Computer guy for the Army. Not sure exactly what he does, but has two beautiful children. A girl and a boy. Happily married. We don't hear a lot from him but he's a friendly enough fellow.
Max - The only real "Sibling" that Roze will identify with. He's brilliant, if not overly arrogant. With great brain power comes great responsibility. Has a son that we don't talk about. We predict he'll be the perpetual student. As I mentioned, is brilliant. Thrives in an environment where he can learn and absorb information. However, while he can put on the guise of kindness, he's really kind of a dick. That personality gets him kicked out of a lot of places if he doesn't quit first. In collage, no idea on marital status. Most likely single. Plays classical guitar and can draw better then Rose will ever hope to achieve. This fucker causes a lot of Rose's insecurities because she knows she'll never really be as good as him at anything he's already tried a hand at.

Oh god, this is going to suck. I'm gonna keep mixing up HER and ME.
Long curly brown hair. Seriously. Really, it's dark dark brown, almost black, with goldish-reddish brown ends from sun bleaching... But to keep it simple, it's just a nice purplebrown for the character. Always in a ponytail, well... Almost always. If she looses her scrunchy, she'll clip it up with one of those clam clips. Always makes her ponytail super tight, which is why when she lets her hair down, so to speak, it's always got this weird as shit crimp in it where the rubber band used to be. She got tired of looking like fuckin' Uncle Fester, so she started wearing bangs. However, curly as shit. Mine are worse then hers 'cause humidity makes 'em just go POOF, but at least hers are fun to draw. She has these weird little short pieces in the center of her forhead part. Why? In sixth grade, she used to yank her hair out when she was under pressure.... which was a lot. It's only starting to grow back, and is now (when pulled down straight) about to her nose. However, it's all poofy so has a tendency to have pieces standing up like antenna or some weird shit.
Goggles. Because I, the writer, fucking LOOOOOVVEEEE GOGGLES. I have even stated before, that I would hump anything you put goggles on. Therefor.... My artist has goggles. I do intend to make these a POV joke, as in whoever has the goggles tells the story from their viewpoint.... Just wondering how in hell TCV will get his turn.....
Loves hoddies, really does. Everything she draws almost always has a hood on it. To feed this obession, I put her in a hoodie since none of the other characters have one. However, to make it unique and to include this weirdo thing with the sweatshirt I've been doing lately, I made it much longer and sleeveless. Made the hood and pocket bright teal (tip of the hat to the frog pin) to keep a consistent color theme going with her. Gave her a powder blue teeshirt 'cause .... Well, teal would have looked funny, white was too clean, and she's got too much black as it. Gave it the little teal =< face to make it interesting, and carried that theme onto the back of the hoodietunic.
Parachute pants 'cause I love mine to death. Another reason I gave her the tunic look, 'cause I've worn out the zipper on ALL of mine, so I just have the mental image of her hiding this fact with long tops. However, she's skinny. She probobly just does this for style wherein mine is to not embarrass whoever I'm with. She often wears her pants as shorts 'cause she's got better legs then I do. Seriously... I'm a klutzzzz and fall down things a lot. While she is, too, her shit heals up quick. Mine doesn't. My legs are all spotty and weird colored from all my "incidents". Hers aren't <3 I made it easy for you bitches, thank me! Tip of the hat to Endling with the "Pockets. If they don't make me cool, nothing will".
Slippy shoes! 'cause I love mine. No socks, they make her feet just too damn hot. Her shoes are lightly based on mine, only mine are like... Black with weird as shit pink and white highlights, which have, by now, culminated in a weird greyish yellowy color from over use. Hers are black/teal 'cause apparently her WAL*MART carries everything in JUST the right fucking color.
Jewelry. While she doesn't actually WEAR any, she carries some things around with her... I don't know why. I just don't have the heart to take it out of my bag, I guess. Plus, some things are just too sentimental to just LEAVE somewhere, especially in that hellhole of a humidity clusterfuck she calls home.

Going to try to keep this brief for your sake, since you're probobly bored of reading this already.
Blah blah blah, in and out of school due to personality clashes with the teachers. Home schooled frequently and so some of her social skills suffered. She doesn't really like people... People in general are fucking idiots. They do stupid things and encourage stupid behavior. As a kid, she was kind of a snotty prick and if she had the choice, she'd like to do it over again (naturally with all the info she's privy to at this point in time.... Might actually have STUDIED the times tables instead of making cheat sheets).
After a long and arduous journey through that fucked hellish process we call the education system, she finaly dropped from public schooling entirely at 9th grade and continued her education in private. While she has no degree to show for this effort, she'll bet cold hard cash money that she's far more intellectually capable then that of her so called "peers". She's very good at what MSPA readers have fondly dubbed "Crazy Puzzle Shit". Now if only that had an application in life :/
Currently, she works in a Teeshirt Shop. "WTF IS THAT?" Apparel decorating, my uncouth friend. For all intents and purposes, she's a glorified secretary that gets to come up with shit to put on the garments. They sell a lot of things through eBay, as well. The first page of the audition was supposed to feature where she worked and her boss, but I ran out of time AND patience for that bullshit scenery so it got reduced to text bubbles. It's alright, that place is fairly irrelevant to the progression of the story, anyway. Probably would have been cut even if I DID the line work for it.
Moving on. After leaving school, she somewhat disassociated herself with most of the real world. Leaves her room to shower, eat and go to work. That's about it.... Spends most of her time on the computer, either learning more things, researching, working on new projects or reading webcomics. Not a terribly exciting life, but the little quirks make it interesting enough to live out. Parents ride motorcycle, for instance, so this character has grown up around bikes and skulls from day 1. Father prints the newspaper at night, so he's rarely around except on weekends. Mother employs the daughter at their apparel decorating company affectionately dubbed TEES TO PLEASE. (I shit you not. 518 - 537 - 5869. That's how we answer the phone. If you call, you buy something, though!)

A childhood friend of hers tragically died three years ago. I'm not saying this to get some sort of shock value, it's just what happened. To this day, she's still pretty fucked up about it. That frog belonged to this friend, one of a set. She gave the other two pieces to the other two friends at this girl's funeral. Obviously, it has some sentimental value. It's terribly important to her. And the reason I'm telling you all of this is to give you ammunition against her. You get that frog from her pockets, she's either going to crumble like old cement or out and out murder the thief. Again, that's one of those "Mood" things we talked about earlier. It's usually stored in a MUSIC = LIFE mint tin, they cost a buck at Hot Topic. Obviously, this one's been drained of it's sweet, menthol flavored contents. Still smells minty fresh, though, which is why she keeps it. Another note that I promised to make, Teal and Purple were the friend's favorite colors. It's one of the reasons I, the writer, dressed this character with a blue-teal theme. It's a nice color, not too basic or overused, yet not an eyesore (I hope). It counteracts the black pretty nicely, and will only really be an issue in warm-colored environments. But since I color in cool colors for the most part, I think we're good to go.

She's pretty decent with a lot of things, but with no real area of expertise. She's good with computers, but only using them. She's not too good with technical crap--- which is why Patience will be SOL if he breaks his wings. Math is also not a strong point. She can sew-- she made some of the stuff she's wearing (except the parachute pants. I love TRIPP way too much, even if they're icky and posery to some of you more trend-savvy bastards out there) which means she's pretty good at fixing that kind of shit... not that it comes in handy. She carries a lot of crap with her, mostly in her pockets. You see her pull a DS out of her pocket in the audition, and carry a computer-type machine with her into the real. More on that thing later, since it's her summon item.
She's fairly good at drawing. Enjoys a much more simplistic look, though. Clean lines and poppy colors. She feels adding in too many little details clutters the work and makes it far too distracting to get a point across, though her father once mocked that she's just being lazy. Her favored style is clear-cut, little to the imagination, save for the details. She likes making her watchers think differently-- Not necessarily out of context, but more so with visual puns, inner mind theater and defining obvious things, but leaving details up to debate. As one of her brothers once criticized "The talent and heart are there. Her head's just banging on the glass, trying to get their attention."
A great man once said "Creativity is remembering what you hear, but forgetting where you heard it." She applies this in every way she can. Anything that she likes or sees, she borrows from. What a nice shaped leaf! Oh, that could be a shape of a dress! Oh, is that a green spot on your nose? What a lovely color, let's give Aurora a wristband that color. That man kills with a notebook? Oooh, you know, fatal paper cuts could be badass if used right!
She can play the flute and piano. Doesn't necessarily LIKE it, but can. I don't think this will help, but if it comes up, there you go.
She thinks funny. She's very quick at seeing things like "when you see it, you'll shit bricks" or where's waldo. However has issues with MAGIC EYEs. Seriously. Those things suck. She can do the focus differently shit, she just can't fucking see the damn thing it's supposed to be! Her mother used to tease her about it when she was young. Always in fun, though.
She's lazy and can't handle walking too hard, let alone actually fighting. She's afraid of bringing harm to an innocent person, so has a tendency to make no effort in those aspects. She's no skills in fighting and honestly has no idea what in hell she's doing in THE REAL. TCV. however, helps fix this situation. Seeing as forgot to put away a knife she borrowed from the kitchen some weeks ago, it's still on her person. When possessing her, TCV wields this as he would any common dagger with a decent level of skill and talent. For a human, her reflexes are relatively slow. Don't get me wrong, she spazzes instantly when frightened or surprised, However I'm going to put this into a contextual scenario for you. You know how in Kingdom Hearts two, there's a poster game in Twilight Town? She missed the timer by by .1 second and she's far too frustrated, stubborn and hateful to go back and try to do it again. Back to the main theme-- TCV does speed up her reflexes substantially, but I'm afraid it's still fairly slow compared to some of the super-natural beings they're bound to encounter in THE REAL. Furthermore, I'd like to point out that he, in fact, does not give her any new abilities. She's still only human. Just because she's got a psycho killer crawling around her brain doesn't mean she can shoot lazers from her eyes. Sorry, I know you wanted to see it....

Summon Item:
Her laptop. It is my dream laptop that I gave to this character. It's a standard laptop who's screen swivels around and lays flat to form a Cintiq-like apparatus. It's touch sensitive and works like a tablet. I'll upload schematics on the interface later, but right now, there's a brief example of the post-summon interface on the artist reference.
The initial summon screen is tons of thumbnails on a scrolling list of all her OCs. You tap an Icon to summon that character. However, Tigger's summon got botched. When he was summoned, two character slots were filled and Rose had no ideas why. Later, come to find out, the other slot was TCV. Cheap shot, really, since she couldn't UN summon him. After all the summons were made, it comes to the post-summon UI screen, which lists the three OCs, basic commands for them and their stats (including health and stamina levels). This item still functions as a standard laptop-- the UI was a .exe emailed to her by one of the NPCs of THE REAL.
Funfact: I was half concidering ditching either Patience or TCV in exchange for my VIR-S character. However, that idea fell through with the cold realization that (s)he is both a fan character, and only really helpful against robots and other cyborgs. Would have been awesome though. (S)He'd live in the computer and be a snarky source of entertainment and comic relief. Oh well. Some things just cannot be, I guess.
As before mentioned, the Post-Summon screen has a UI featuring basic commands. Think of it as "The Sims", if you would. I can imprint a task by poking a button on the screen, and the character in question will, most likely, do it. Granted, said character may say "I'm too depressed to study!" but usually they'll listen. However, each character only has three pre-determined buttons, Hence my use of BASIC command. You can't tell Tigger to make cookies (not that you'd have to). You could, however, tell him to Bite, Scratch or be Diplomatic. TCV you can tell to posses someone, do his freaky MERGE INTO THE SHADOWS shit, or some command that we don't yet know what does. Patience has Sword, Bow and Wings... We're not quite sure what the wings command does, but I think it works off of "give 'em a keyword and let 'em run with it".
The buttons on the bottom of the summon item switch it between it's various modes. Rose uses these to keep in contact with the NPCs and make .TXT files in order to re-write parts of her characters. On the subject of re-write... She can't change her characters fundamentals-- for instance, she can't make TCV a fluffy bunny who's only purpose in life is to make children giggle. However, she CAN say "Given the circumstances, Patience realizes that it was the Artist's means of creating a story. To loathe her for doing what she does best would be nothing shy then a blasphemy against one's creator." in order to quell both his rage and the impending shitstorm.
I gotta say, though;
>T: Forgive P's arrogance and have angry lesbian makeup sex
is absolutely acceptable! (Not really, but damn if she's not going to try.)
Other then the obvious contradictions, the summon item really is just a computer. Should anyone out there have a virus program or character, it could really fuck it up-- especially given the summon UI and scripting capabilities of this device.
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Hey, If you like Kingdom Hearts, ten you should enter the :iconfantasia-tournament: a Kingdom Hearts OC Tournament.
RozeUKun May 6, 2010  Student General Artist
I must admit, I'm not fond of people spam-commenting my work, however.... You've got my intrests pegged to a T so I'll let it slide ;D Thanks, this kinda looks fun. I've had an idea for a fancharacter anyhow~ Assuming time stays in my favor, I just might enter!
No, actaullay, I really like you're art.
Sorry if I didn't mention it earlier.
I hope to see you soon in the tournament.
RozeUKun May 6, 2010  Student General Artist
Oh, sorry. I noticed you posted almost exactly the same thing on annother reff sheet I looked at xD But thanks for the compliment! See you there!
i really like her design
XP You and your goggle fetish....stay away from my dad >>;
RozeUKun Jun 23, 2009  Student General Artist
+__+ Hell hath no desire like that between a woman and her goggles.
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